Kate Capko, long time New York City hairstylist and haircare brand ambassador, turned an interest for social media and digital marketing into a complete career reinvention.  With the launch of her first e-book, Free Agent Hairstylist (teaching stylists to treat their careers as a business inside a business in commission salons), she spawned a popular blog www.Freeagenthairstylist.com among hairstylists looking to change their career and become entrepreneurs in the beauty industry themselves.  Free Agent Hairstylist readers requested a book specifically for the independent stylist community.  As a response, Kate launched her second e-book, Independent Hairdressing to offer creative business solutions for stylists working in the salon suite model.  Free Agent Hairstylist receives questions everyday asking for Kate's advice and industry insight.  To address this flow of outreach she is now sharing her meetings and conversations with industry leaders and clients live on Free Agent Hairstylist's Facebook page.  Kate consults with many international beauty brands in the professional beauty industry, professional beauty distributors across the country, and exclusive multi location exclusive salon businesses.  She is called on for her knowledge in the implementation of impactful social media campaigns, social media advertising, content design, influencer marketing, social selling for sales teams, and more.    


Kate quoted in Lauren Quick's Modern Salon and First Chair article: 


free a·gent

noun: free agent: plural noun: free agents

  1. a person who does not have any commitments that restrict their actions.

"If you are a sports fan, the term free agent is not new to you.  I am not a die hard sports fan but the term was familiar to me before I found myself feeling dead end behind my chair.  Like you I am a hairdresser.  Always have been, always will be.  We are our own tribe.  We speak our own language.  We inspire one another and our clients.  Unfortunately, in our tribe their is a taboo subject.  One we are too afraid to share with our boss and one that our friends can not guide us through.  It is unique to our industry.  This book will teach you how to change your thinking to become a free agent hairdresser.
You may be considering leaving your chair at the salon and salon owner you are currently working for.  This book is not going to make that decision for you.  Instead this book will help you think for yourself in order to learn how to run your business within another business.  Working for a salon owner or having a salon suite is the same.  You will learn new ways to test your skills before you even have to take any risk at all."


Free Agent Hairstylist available on Amazon.com