Kate is an industry expert and freelance writer advocating for the hair industry community.  She is a successful hairdresser who has worked in VIP salons in the tri state area.  She is in high demand for her editorial hairdressing and bridal beauty in the New York City and Philadelphia market.  In 2012, she left her chair to enter the business side of beauty where she represented and educated for the best brands in the industry.  She traveled the country meeting with salon owners and hairdressers and began to see a common thread.  Kate stepped down from her career in product sales and education to ensure her unbiased approach and freedom of writing.  In her writing she has taken a tough love approach to tackle the fearful and often taboo subjects that salon owners and hairdressers are seeking as the industry moves in a sharp new direction.  She has provided her clients rapid success teaching and implementing this new mindset in career and business growth called Free Agent Hairstylist.  Her books discuss how to be a Free Agent Hairstylist and the skills you need to work together with your salon owner to be successful or also life on your own in a salon suite.  Kate's second book will provide top producing salons the strategy to attract and retain a top talent Free Agent Hairstylist.  This series provides new solutions for the dreaded "walk out" along with career building skills for hairdressers.  Kate's books are formatted to be short and sweet packed with suggestions and solutions to help you read quickly between your busy schedule.  She is often called upon by major hair industry publications such as Modern Salon for her expertise.   


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free a·gent

noun: free agent: plural noun: free agents

  1. a person who does not have any commitments that restrict their actions.

"If you are a sports fan, the term free agent is not new to you.  I am not a die hard sports fan but the term was familiar to me before I found myself feeling dead end behind my chair.  Like you I am a hairdresser.  Always have been, always will be.  We are our own tribe.  We speak our own language.  We inspire one another and our clients.  Unfortunately, in our tribe their is a taboo subject.  One we are too afraid to share with our boss and one that our friends can not guide us through.  It is unique to our industry.  This book will teach you how to change your thinking to become a free agent hairdresser.
You may be considering leaving your chair at the salon and salon owner you are currently working for.  This book is not going to make that decision for you.  Instead this book will help you think for yourself in order to learn how to run your business within another business.  Working for a salon owner or having a salon suite is the same.  You will learn new ways to test your skills before you even have to take any risk at all."

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