Let Us All Be Thankful For Snapchat Spectacles !

I really try to stay as current as possible, but things move so fast, how could anyone know everything that is happening in this world!  I can not sit around all day reading and need to get on with my work day.  Quick content such as 10 second clips can really help can't it. ::wink, wink::

 That is why when I see a long mysterious line in midtown Manhattan, I look down immediately to my phone (get bumped around as I walk) and Google what must be launching today.  How ironic that I look down to google search results of the launch of Snapchat’s Spectacles!  Google Glass DID try the same idea a few years back. Awkward…. What will Snapchat’s Spectacles do differently than Google Glass? Everything! That’s what.

For starters, the market is READY.  This is always key when launching a new product.  You can not create excitement around something the market can not begin to understand.  We just weren't ready.  You do not have to be the first out of the gate with an idea.  Nor do you need to be the most diverse necessarily. 

Google is an amazing company doing amazing things.  But it seems Snapchat is going to carry out this concept the best so far.  Snapchat, arguably focused on one platform and providing the best experience in order for the diversification of it’s users to come to them.  “If you build it, they will come.” .... and then they will buy it! 

I comment a lot on the misunderstood young people so many executives and business owners can not wrap their brains around-just yet.  It seems as though so many companies work backwards towards accepting millennials and now Gen Y aged groups.  So many times I find myself defending this age group and target market.  You have to find ways to sell to this age group! Snapchat’s launch is a home run in this philosophy.  Can we NOW take them seriously?! Finally. 

As consumer’s needs and wants are picking up at lightening speed, steady focus on this group is winning!  Snapchat has turned down huge buyers offering billions of dollars in pursuit of their ultimate goal: Monetize. This is their first solid step in their efforts.  Not too long ago, I was reading all about writers making fun of Snapchat’s founders for passing on such huge sell out deals.  Did we not learn from Facebook?  Today, we can only guess what else they have up their sleeve.  This is a huge win for my age group and I for one am excited!  

Copywriters, Content Editors, and anyone in Marketing will be lit up with excitement today with the ability to take 10 second videos from a pair of glasses retailing for $129.99.  Get in line folks, as this will be the way to market to the wildly criticized young people we have all been analyzing as of late.  I have said it before and I will say it again, don’t be late to the party.  Embrace the change that is here.  Google Glass was just catalyst to the market and now Snapchat has run with it.  I encourage you to resolve yourself to wearing these very funny looking yet super cool glasses and capture that content. I look forward to seeing everybody and their grandma wearing Snapchat's Spectacles this holiday season and even you, skeptics.  This year, we should all be thankful for Snapchat!