Best and Worst of the Week

Thank you for all of your questions and outreach of support.  It took me by surprise when my inbox became flooded with hairdressers reaching out to talk to me anonymously.  I was also approached by many companies that can majorly help you as an entrepreneur.  We are in the thick of a very exciting time for hair and change is often overwhelming.  In business, not everything is easy.  In my quest for answers, I encountered an example of the risks of business. 

I am so grateful for your input and curiosity that I have put together some research this week for all you hairdressers making sense of your career.  This will be an ongoing process and I encourage you to check back. 

Style app- Stylie is a point of sale app that also allows you to organize appointments all from your smart phone.  I just love that this platform allows you to do both functions at the same time for a very reasonable price.  I write everything down to keep my prices and client history straight.  There are so many times that I completely forgot what I charged a client that these two features together are exactly what we need.  I spoke with Deborah Hudson, Stylie’s Success Manager to learn more about this tool.  Stylie’s head developer created this app for his Free Agent Hairdresser friends who are independent hairstylists! Now that is a good friend.  There are many salon apps and iCloud platforms on the market but what makes Stylie different is that it was designed specifically for independent stylists from day one.  Before it’s launch, it was tested by hair industry friends to make it perfect; and it is.  Let me say, this app really sets itself apart.  Some apps do not translate down to the needs of freelancers and independent stylists.  I am in the process of testing this app and will update again on more in-depth advantages as they launch new exciting features.

Salon bank loans-  BEWARE!  This week I had remote banks contact me to attempt to sell me small business loans for up to $150,000.  One bank advertised itself from Miami, Florida.  I researched both banks to find pretty inappropriate content.  I do not think a legitimate bank would post pornographic pictures on the beginning of it’s Instagram!  BEWARE hairdressers.  Scammers are trolling social media to trick you into sending sensitive banking information.  I have began to research reputable small business loans and will be updating this story as I gather more information.  Trust me, if I had not dug deeper on these bank's background, I may have believed they are honest organizations.  In my research, I have come across many “consultants” who are claiming to be experts.  Thousands of followers does not make a person or organization an “expert”. However, Neil Ducoff is a must follow on social media for all hair industry professionals.  I have followed Neil and his consulting agency, Strategies, for years.  He offers phenomenal advice, tips, and tricks.  If you are needing business support as you get up and running or a master reset, this is the place!  

Hairchitect app-  If you are looking to build your own education platform, this app is a game changer.  Head forms and diagrams are difficult to articulate.  Joffre Jara (follow on Instagram @hairchitect_the_app)  has created an app to handle the complexity of displaying elevation and angles.  There are so many ways that we can use this app that $5.99 is a solid investment.  

Hairdresser to watch: Kristen Baker (@kristen_ba)  is the definition of "Free Agent Hairdresser".  She has a unique style and her work is amazing!  I came across her Instagram like many of us do and I was sucked into her fresh take and eye for content.  Follow her to submerge yourself in the life of a Free Agent Hairdresser that lives hair as a lifestyle. Follow her!