Get Your Glow On: Haircare Regime


Why your haircare is just as important as your skin care...

We are so accustomed to our skin care regime, we forget our body regenerates in many more ways than just skin.  Treating your hair with the same respect, will reveal your best glowing hair.  You may even be able to air dry it!  Wouldn't that be nice?  Well cared for skin cooperates after time and attention revealing benefits such as less product usage and smoother application.  Building a strong beautiful foundation makes a glowing base to shine through.  This always makes your favorite products perform at their best. Revealing your best glowing skin is like taking a mask off.  So why not uncover the same beauty your hair may be hiding? 

Winter is a great season to start.  You are spending less time in the sun.  You can get a jump start on your progress before the summer scorchers.  The beach is the dry mohave desert to your locks.  Winter is the lesser of two evils.  The ways we may keep ourselves warm this winter, can also be drying on the hair. Be mindful of the conditions your hair encounters.  It is a game of hydration; just like your skin.  Turn that heat from your car’s vent away from your hair and you will help to save it’s glow.  Consistent baby steps are the key to success for any regime.  Here is your new philosophy and regime to reveal your most beautiful hair that you have been hiding.  The kind of hair that glows! 

Cleansing with Purpose: 

    Shampoo needs to be reparative.  Too often we abuse our volume shampoos and over time with constant use, we crack and damage our hair.  Volume shampoos are formulated to open the cuticle.  This is what you need for a night out to pump up the volume.  The problem is, we love the word “volume”!  If we overuse our special occasion products in our daily routine, your hair is too tired or damaged for the big show!  You need to be using your repair shampoo the most often.  Saving your volume products for when it’s important will keep your hair in good health.

  • Ouai Repair Shampoo and Conditioner $28/ $26

Hydration Drain and Over cleansing: 

Don’t over wash.  Shampoo’s main function is to strip the oils from your hair.  Since hair health is a game of hydration, giving your shampoo such power is risky damaging if over used.  Now we know a daily shampoo should not over cleanse or strip your hair’s essential oils.  This will rob your hair of it’s natural glowing shine.  No poo’s and sulfate free shampoos are a great way to protect you hair’s shine.  They do not need to replace your shampoo but are great to be added to your regime. Shiny hair is a result of glossy healthy cuticles reflecting light like glitter! The right shampoo regime will take care of your hair to let it shine like diamonds.  Alternate your shampoo with a cleansing conditioner or no-poo.  Only the days you want to wet your hair but can get by without cleansing try this new product we love.

  • R+Co Analog Cleansing Conditioner Foam $16

Exfoliate The Scalp:

Parisian Hair God, Christophe Robin, understanding how to make hair glow.  Believing in the health of your scalp to obtain glowing hair, he has created a magical scalp exfoliator and wow are we impressed! Just like your facial exfoliators, this amazing product will reveal a healthier more awake scalp to promote your best hair growth.  

  • Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying crib with Sea Salt $52

Hold On, Maybe Dry Shampoo Instead: 

For a dry shampoo that doesn't keep your hair parched, we love Oribe.  Many times low quality dry shampoos can build up and leave a residue on your hair that takes away shine.  Oribe has created a power backed formula that hydrates while wicking the excess oil away.  Magic!

  • Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo $44 

Condition, Condition, Condition: 

Leave In Conditioners-  got a bad wrap for weighing down hair.  These days, the formulas are new and improved to leave your hair feeling weightless.  Many times you can not even feel the effects of a leave in, however the less you feel it, the more complex the formula.  

  • 7 Seconds Leave In Conditioner by Unite Haircare. $22 This super light yet deep nourishing formula leaves our hair feeling quenched but not disturbing the volume.

Hair Masques- Sunday afternoons are for relaxing with a cup of coffee and a hair mask. After washing the week out of your hair, gently dry you hair with a cotton t-shirt.  The soft cotton is easier on your hair and will remove the excess water without damage.  Your hair should be 50% dry and no longer dripping wet.  Apply a small amount of mask and work it through roots to ends.  The longer you have to sit with it on the better.  When you are done jump back into the shower and rinse it out well.  Your hair should not feel slimy when you finish.  Hair masques repair flexibility and hair structure making for beautiful bouncy blow outs. 

  • Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine Ultimate Renewal Mask $54

Heat Protection: 

 Protect those locks with a lightweight nourishing Hair Oil will keep your hair polished and happy.  If you apply a high quality hair oil your body will begin to produce less oil to keep up with shampooing.  Davines Ol is pronounced “oy”  and described as an “absolutely beautifying potion” how can you resist? Ol is pronounced “oy” 

  • Davines Ol Oil $44

Hair Vitamins: 

Hairdressers may not tell you their secret weapon is often hair vitamins.  Biotin and/or pre-natal vitamins are simple over the counter supplements.  Biotin is found in everyday foods such as eggs and almonds.  Often times, poor hair health is a reflection of a vitamin deficiency. Your doctor can help you best to determine what may be missing.  Talk to your doctor before making the decision.  

  • Try Ouai Haircare’s Vitamin Supplements for hair health from the inside out $24 per pack available at

Silk Pillow Case: 

    This is a curly girl’s secret weapon. Take a page from her playbook and get yourself a silk is softer and more forgiving on your skin and hair while you move in your sleep.  Not only will this preserve your block out allowing you to wash your hair less, but also to make less friction on your hair at night.

  • Drybar ‘Slumber Party’ Silk Pillowcase $45        

Warning: Be careful of color glazes from the drug store.  Clients often abuse these at home glazes not realizing they often contain hydrogen peroxide.  That’s right.  The dreaded burning liquid your mom put on your cuts as a kid is the same agent that is sometimes used to open the cuticle to deposit color glazes.  Over use can lead to breakage.  Your hairdresser knows how to control these products just like your esthetician controls your professional acid peel so leave this one to the pros!

With time and consistency, you will be flooded with glowing reviews on your glowing hair! Shine on.