Frequently Asked Questioned From Business Owners

"How am I going to keep up with my social media? I am too busy. "

Answer-  Your social media is planned ahead of time.  Posts are planned to post at optimal times when your customers are the most active.  We often train staff to help support the social media plan that is put in place.  Often there is a staff member who is happy to get involved and help out with taking pictures that will be used for content, engaging with followers, or even designing campaigns. Social media plans are set for the week and happen seamlessly, not in the moment.  It only seems that way. 

"I do not have a big marketing budget.  Is social media expensive?"

Answer- Social media marketing and advertising is completely customizable to your budget.  It's only expensive if you don't understand how to run an impactful ad.  

"I am not sure that my business needs social media."

Answer- Every business needs social media.  It's like saying you don't need a phone number. 

"How often should I post?"

Answer- Once a day at least! Many business choose to post on the hour.  It all depends on your goals. 

Katelyn CapkoComment