Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Business?

Facebook is not the only social media platform for your business.  Each platform has it's own advantages to help you grow your business for a certain reason with a certain customer.  Facebook is the most broad and certainly the most effective and advanced in terms of advertising, but make sure you understand what each platform has to offer your business and why.  

Instagram is a visual platform that helps customer see quickly what your products look like, who shops there, the lifestyle you offer, what your interior looks like, and the feel your customers experience.  Instagram allows prospective customers to window shop from the comfort of their couch and persuade them to make purchases even remotely.  Now that Instagram is a part of Facebook, Instagram is becoming more powerful everyday.  This platform should be your first stop after you have built your business page on Instagram. 

Twitter is a conversation happening among your customers and also a digital newspaper.  If you are not engaging this conversation,  it is likely that your customers are having this conversation about your business without you.  I can not tell you just how many of my clients did not check on Twitter and after being coached into doing so, found out that their business had been mentioned negatively on Twitter by an unhappy customer or their competitors.  Start the conversation on a positive note, control the message and keep it going strong.  

Snapchat is how you will connect with a younger audience and begin to build a new fresh audience.  Learning this platform and connecting with a younger audience is a solid plan to keep the future of your business and brand flowing.  Your younger staff members are mostly using this platform everyday and will be happy to help create the content needed to include this in your social media marketing.  It's location based and helps people in your area find a brand they are interested in.  Be that brand. 

Yelp is a love hate relationship for the service industry business but so incredibly crucial to maintain. Clients are happy to help chime in and share why they love shopping your business and this will help new customers decide to try your business.  This is another platform that you must manage the pictures being uploaded onto your feed and the feedback being provided to ensure that your business reputation is being presented in the way you expect.  Managing your Yelp account is an art and keeping your business off of it is not an option. 

There are many more social media apps to leverage along with tips and tricks to make your business accounts grow.  If you are ready to position your small business on social media, I look forward to discussing all the ways we can make your brand grow this year. 

Katelyn CapkoComment