Branding & Social Media

About Kate


Making a small business into a brand is what I love. 

Kate has spent most of her career in NYC while traveling the country representing  luxury brands in beauty and retail as she grew her sales and digital marketing expertise.  She honed her eye for branding and a deep understanding for digital advertising as the market quickly changed in the fast paced beauty industry. Kate began consulting with her own clients building a successful business of her own.  As the market quickly changed with the internet and social media, and Amazon threatened the stability of her clients, many businesses and brands needed to finds ways to quickly adjust to either make it or not.  As Kate experienced this change with her clients and coach them through the process, Kate found herself having conversations with small business owners that she knew in her personal life asking her for help as to how they could build their own businesses online.  These conversations left her feeling fulfilled that she was able to give these personal friends solid advice to grow their businesses.  She couldn't help but be worried for many more small business owners.  This changed her own business model.  She now brings her social media skills to small business owners as she builds their online presence, rebrands their businesses properly, and coaches them to understand how to drive their online foot print forward to generate the sales they need to grow their brand into the future.  If you want to know how to grow your sales and bring your small business to the next level contact Kate for a consultation.